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 Environment studies cm rise school teacher syllabus 2021. MP School Teachers recruitment 2021 Environmental Science course question papers and answers. Madhyapradesh  state government has launched CM Rise School Scheme focusing on quality education. CM Rise teacher vacancy 2021 has announced. The recruitment will be in several categories like Primary Teacher, Highschool teacher and +2 teachers. alongwith teaching staff principal, vice principal, library person, sports teacher, computer teacher, physical teacher, lab technician, music teacher, fine art teacher, psychologist, special educator and  carrier counsellor will be recruit under this scheme of MP government. Information about EVS for cm rise teacher selection test.

Applicants who have applied for cm rise teacher vacancy of session 2021-22 will have to wait for cm rise teacher result 2021. 

Those who have applied for cm rise school teacher vacancy, after successful they will be posted in cm rise school on the basis of merit.

EVS Environment Study Grade 3 Audio

Basic tips for studying Environment Studies

We suggest teachers who want to appear in CM Rise school selection examination to study environmental science and policy regarding it. It will help them to learn the concepts better. The basic concept help you to learn deeply. Study of environmental law courses will help you to face the hard competition and you will know deeper about the subject. Before reading the post we advise you to learn how to promote efficiency in study.

CM Rise School Teacher Exam Environment Question Class 3rd.

Recruitment outlines of CM Rise School

CM Rise School is an innovation of School education department Madhya Pradesh. Selection process will include aan examination and interview of the applicants who successfully passed the written exam. Question papers of CMRise School teacher selection examination will contain modern technolgy also. This is one of the large teacher recruitment examination. Before it school education department conducted selection exam for model school and MP Excellence School.

Grade 4 Looking Around Going to School

We also use EVS for Environment subject in MP Primary Schools. Nature of question in Environment science will be multi choice type. (Objective questions). we suggest to read about urban environmental management. This topic is included in Middle school syllabus MP Board.
An example is given here-

Question: Among the following, one group shows heterogeneity in the group of medicinal plants, that is-

(A) Basil, Ginger, Turmeric

(B) Neem, Arjun, Acacia

(C) Guarpatha Garlic Ajwain

(D) Aak, Amla, Ashwagandha

Answer – (D) Aak, Amla, Ashwagandha

Recruitment of Administrative staff in CMRise School MP

Administrative posts like Vise Principal, Head Master (Primary Section), Head master (Middle Section) are here. A written test will be conducted for these posts containing 60 question. Questions asking in paper will be related to these topics:

1. Instructional Management.

2. Organizational Management.

3. Personal Leadership.

4. Social Leadership.

What are the academic posts in CM-Rise Schools

Academic posts for academic staff are of 2 types. First is Pre Primary and Primary Teacher and secone is for class 6th to class 12th subject wise teachers. The question paper for academic posts will be of 80 numbers. There will be 4 parts of the question paper for academic staff selection. Question will be objective types. ( Multi optional type questions).
1. Subject Knowledge 50 marks.
2. Aptitude Test) - 10 marks.
3. Mental ability test/Sychometric) Test -10 marks.
4. language knowledge. ( Hindi or English ). 10 marks.

Syllabus for Pre-Primary and Primary teacher will be based on Primary classes syllabus according to+2 stream. Questions may be knowledge based. Examination wants to test your knowledge also.

Subject wise teacher for class 6 to 12 syllabus will be based on the subject for which they oppointed. 6 Subjects like Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

Teacher for class 11th and 12th subject wise .Syllabus is based on the posting subject like Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Mathematics,  Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Sociology and Commerce. 

Those who have applied for cm rise school teacher vacancy, after successful they will be posted in cm rise school on the basis of merit. Teacher for class 11th and 12th subject wise .Syllabus is based on the posting subject like Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Mathematics,  Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Sociology and Commerce.

Best Environment Study Syllabus Tips

Environment Studies is a subject which introduce children to their atmosphere. For a good preparation you must have to study all the textbooks of the classes you teach. Class 3rd to class 5th  textbook will help you better. You have to read all the instruction given in textbooks. Syllabus for CM Rise teacher selection examination want to know your knowledge of the subject and teaching aptitude. Geography and environmental studies are closure to each others. It is wise to read Geography books up to +2 for good understanding.

Important essay related to environment should be read like Clean India Movement etc. You can get the help of internet to read such essay.

we are giving another example for CM Rise Environment Studies here. You can learn the types of question.

Which country was the inventor of Braille script?

(A) France

(B) Italy

(C) Britain

(D) Australia

Answer– (A) France.

What should I read to prepare Environment

Wise Techniques to learn EVS

A comprehensive knowledge is needed when you are going to prepare for any competitive examination. There are many topics helpful to learn about environmental science. Urban environmental management is very popular topic. we can put it into a valuable topic. There is a high chance to ask question from this topic. So don't miss to cover this. If you can arrange any books about environmental science, Geography and Science books of class 6th to 10th you should read all of them to understand EVS widely. 

It is to be noted here that the level of examination (pariksha) in cm rise school teacher vacancy will be higher than the classes for which they are applying. Scoring good marks in Environmental Science will require more extensive preparation. 

As we know this examination is going to conduct for in-service teachers; some department related questions may be asked in exam. If you get the knowledge about Fit India Movement; it may be very useful for you. It is related to current affaires. There are many chances to asking a few question about programs which have been using in now a days.

We tried to provide some useful information and links related to EVS. Make sure to check these.

If you read the basic concepts about environmental science you can achieve the more. I think this information will be helpful for you. Please share the link with your friends also. Keep preparation. Best of luck.

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