Plants around us

 Plants around us. Learning materials for children class 1st. Kinds of plants. Trees, climbers and shrubs. Plants give us cereals, pulses, flowers, vegetables, fruits, medicines and fuels 

Plants around us

Kinds of plants


The plants which are big and strong are called trees.

Example of tree plants mango, banyan etc.


The plants which are smaller than trees are called shrubs.

Example: Rose, Jasmine etc.


Some plants have soft green stems they are called herbs.

 Example Mint, carrot, spinach etc.


Some plants creep along the ground they are called creepers.

Example: Pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon etc.

Types of plants according their uses.

Vegetables giving plants

Tomato, lady's finger, brinjal etc 

Fruits giving plants

Orange, apple, mango, banana, cherry etc.

Cereals giving plants

Wheat, rice and corn.

Pulses giving plants

Gram, Arhar, moong etc 

Flower giving plants

Rose, lotus, Jasmine etc.

Fuels giving plants


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