Social studies class 7 test

 Social Studies Class 7th. Test Paper model. Few patterns and example of monthly test papers. Subject Social Science grade 7 CBSE and MP Board. 

Question 1. Multiple choice type. Choose the correct answer of following questions.

1. Which is a human made environment?

A. Sea. B. Mountain. C. Road. D. River.

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2. The thinnest layer of the earth is

A. Crust. B. Mantle. C. Core. D. Lithosphere.

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3. Which is not an erosional feature of a sea wave?

A. Cliff B. Beach. C. Cave. D. Lagoon.

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4. Which is a threat to environment.

A. growing plants B. growing population C. growing crops D. saving water.

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5. Which of the following characters' story was described in the lesson on equality. 

A Omprakash Valmiki B. Premnarayan Sharma C. Singh Thakur D. None of these.

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Publish: This refers to news reports, articles, interviews, story etc; that are printed in newspapers, magazines and books for a wide audience to read. 

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