Save the Energy Conservation Competition in 2022

 Conservation of non-conventional energy sources is a major topic in today's time, which is being given a lot of attention. Which topics are more valuable for painting competition 2021? I have many ideas for painting and essay writing for children in school level competition. Read the post till the end to know all the special ideas 2021.

Popular topics for energy conservation painting competition

types of energy conservation

ways to save energy at home

conservation of electricity

conservation of energy resources

ways to save electricity at home

conservation of fossil fuels

energy conservation

conservation of renewable resources

The National Energy Conservation Awards are given every year by the Ministry of Power with the objective of promoting energy conservation in industry and other establishments. The winners of the Annual Energy Conservation Painting Competition for school students are also rewarded with Energy Conservation Awards.

National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated on 14th December every year by the people all over India. The Energy Conservation Act in India was executed (established) by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in the year 2001. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a statutory body that comes under the Government of India and helps in the development of policies and strategies to reduce energy use.

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National Energy Conservation Day in India aims to make people aware about the importance of energy as well as saving, and conservation through saving energy. Energy conservation literally means saving energy by using less energy by reducing unnecessary use of energy. Using energy efficiently is very essential to save it for future use. Energy conservation must be embedded in the behavior of every human being in order to achieve more effective results towards energy conservation planning.

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Annual Energy Conservation Awards recognize new achievements in energy conservation by industries, buildings, regional railways, state designated agencies, BEE star label manufacturers, electricity distribution companies, municipalities and raise awareness that, in order to reduce global warming, Energy conservation is a major contributor to India's response.

The award is also in recognition of their commitment to energy conservation and efficiency. The scheme has inspired the industry and other establishments to adopt energy efficiency measures.

In the year 2016, Uttar Pradesh State Energy Conservation Awards were distributed by UPSDA (UPNEDA) in 06 categories.

The habit of conserving energy can best be started during schooling. It has been observed that children are the best agents of change and in this case, we need to equip them with information and knowledge on energy conservation and create interest among them regarding this important topic.

Stpes taken by government

In  this  regard,  Ministry  оf  Роwer  hаs  tаken  аn  initiаtive  аnd  оrgаnized  Раinting  Соmрetitiоn  оn  Energy  Соnservаtiоn  fоr  the  students  frоm  the  yeаr  2005  оnwаrds.  The  соmрetitiоn  is  held  in  three  рhаses  sinсe  2005,  i.e.  sсhооl,  stаte  аnd  nаtiоnаl  level.  Tо  strengthen  this  саmраign,  in  аdditiоn  tо  the  existing  seсtiоns  оf  4,  5  аnd  6,  in  the  yeаr  2015,  сlаsses  оf  сlаsses  7,  8  аnd  9  hаve  аlsо  been  inсluded.  He  is  gоing.  Students  оf  сlаss  4th,  5th  аnd  6th  under  саtegоry  'А'  аnd  students  оf  сlаss  7,8  аnd  9  under  саtegоry  'B'  аre  eligible  tо  раrtiсiраte  in  the  соmрetitiоn.

Energy conservation competitions are organized

In order to make the national energy conservation campaign more effective and special all over India, many energy conservation competitions are organized by the government and other organizations among the people because that is the main goal of this campaign. Various painting competitions are organized at school, state, regional or national level on Energy Conservation Day by the students or members of organizations at many places.

Tasks helps in making people aware

This competition also helps in making people aware of the domestic sectors. Each participant is given a topic such as: “More stars, more savings”, “Wasting energy in the present, lack of energy in the future” and “Saving energy saving the future” etc. Contestants make their pictures more impressive by using pencil colors, wax colors and watercolors etc.

All and every citizen of India knows about many ways to use energy efficiently and save energy for future. They follow all the rules, regulations and policies implemented by the Government of India to support energy efficiency. Citizens of India are paying direct contributions to the campaign to reduce energy use during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Children are a great hope for bringing positive changes in the country and improving the economic condition.

Competitions related to conservation of energy

Various competitions related to conservation of energy are organized at school and college level across the country. Especially, organizing painting competitions is very popular and common. The topics covered by the particular tour in the competitions are:

Types of energy conservation

Ways to save energy at home

 Conservation of electricity.

Conservation of energy resources

Ways to save electricity at home

Conservation of fossil fuels

Energy conservation

Conservation of renewable resources.

Where energy is needed

Every task requires energy. Man is moving fast on the path of development, he has collected all the means of happiness in life for himself over time. Humans are still being searched to find even more happiness. New discoveries are taking place all over the world. Over time, man's dissatisfaction tendency is increasing. The discovery of factories, trains, motor vehicles, airplanes, cars, two-wheelers, JCB etc. has all been possible only through the discovery of scientists. The search for means of comfort continues.

Are energy resources limited?

There are limited amounts of resources in nature. In other words, the energy available in nature is also in limited quantities. The more population is growing all over the world, the more the needs of all of them are increasing. Energy is very important for the operation of all these types of machines.

What is the energy crisis

In view of this, the possibility of destroying all energy resources has increased, especially all the sources of energy that we cannot rebuild, such as petrol, diesel, coal and cooking gas, etc. Today, we see that non-renewable energy resources like petrol diesel are being used indiscriminately in every country. After a while, their reserves will be exhausted. Then what will happen without them? That's the energy crisis. If we do not succeed in making our efforts in time, people all over the world may be in danger. Energy conservation plays an important role. Because using non-renewable resources has a great impact on our environment.

What measures can be taken to conserve energy at home?

We can start that energy conservation from our own home. The person will learn to conserve energy from home first in ways of preserving energy in their daily life. When there is no need at home. Then do not use the light at all. Keep the fan locked in the house when we are not in the room.

Install low voltage bulbs where less light is needed. Use a bulb of less power or more power as needed in the same room.

Plant trees around your house instead of using air conditioners for cold air.

Learn to wash your hands and dry clothes in the sun because of washing in a washing machine.

You should get used to walking. Walking for short distances will also improve health and save fuel.

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