Amazing enough Clay utensils uses in kitchen

Amazing benefits of clay utensils are enough to be surprised

Clay utensils for kitchen, useful to health. Clay pot is one of the oldest and most widespread art. Being made of clay, these utensils are also adapted to withstand harsh heat and are in many ways better. A variety of utensils are made from clay, including clay pots for cooking, bowls to keep liquids, large clay pots, fugitives, and matkas. Since ancient times, many civilizations used pottery for cooking. Clay utensils having amazing benefits enough to be surprised.

The utensils are very beneficial in terms of health

Pottery is still widely used in the kitchen. Earthen utensils are very beneficial in terms of health. That is why the trend of using pottery is on the rise all over the world today. Use various small and large size earthenware pot for cooking, storage of food items, water harvesting. The use of clay pots for plants to plant plants is very common.

Clay water pot for kitchen and daily life.

Cooking in a pottery also provides a lot of iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium in food, which are extremely beneficial for the body. That is why the special importance of pottery in Ayurveda has been mentioned.

What are the 5 uses of clay pots

There are 5 main uses of clay-pot are:

  1. Clay pots in kitchen.
  2. For drinking purposes.
  3. Clay pots in gardening.
  4. Clay-pot in storing materials.
  5. For decorative purpose.

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Types of Pottery

Pottery for cooking

Earthen utensils prevalent for kitchen

Pottery for storage of water

Earthen containers and utensils for storage of food items

People from different places use a variety of pottery for cooking.

Pottery earthen kadai – The most popular clay pot

Whether it is making vegetables, frying pulses or tempering the curry, pottery earthen kadai is used, the taste is only a little different. It has been used since ancient times. It can be obtained from the potter's here. If you want to build a special type of kadai for your home, you can make it by asking the potter. You can also order different types of clay products online from Amazon. You can buy clay Kadai in capacity of 1, 2 or 3 liters.

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Bread making clay tawa

Since ancient times, rotis have been made from clay griddles on stoves in homes. The rotis made from clay griddle on the stove are more delicious and nutritious than the rotis made on gas. Iron and clay pans are used to bake rotis. If wheat and gram bread are eaten on a clay griddle with gram vegetable, they look very delicious.

Soil frying is beneficial for stomach problems

The frying pan of the soil is healthy in many ways. Earthen stem loaves are very helpful in relieving indigestion, gas, and stomach problems. In Ayurveda, the special importance of cooking from pottery is mentioned. This is very beneficial for health.

Earthen utensils prevalent for kitchen

It is very simple to use clay pitchers, earthen jugs and matkas in summer to fill water. Water is also storage in earthen pots in the kitchen. It tastes special. Handi is used to make vegetables, dal rice and kadhi. Curds also use pottery for times. It helps in maintaining the quality of curd.

Pottery for storage of water

You may have heard the name of the clay water pot. Matka, surahi, nand etc. are used for clay water pot in India. Sometimes you can also see the use of small clay pots to drink tea at some place. The fun of drinking tea in a clay kulhad in north India is something else. It is also customary to drink lassi in clay glasses in the country. They are known by different names in local languages at different places.

There are many health benefits of drinking water from an earthen pot. It is having Natural cooling properties. Storing water in a clay pot aids the natural cooling of water.

For storage of food items

The use of earthen containers for storage of food items in homes is very good. Yes, it is a different matter that nowadays they have been replaced by characters made of steel, plastic and aluminum, but they also have usefulness.

Other uses of soil related to kitchen

Earthen utensils for plantation.

Soil not only makes cooking utensils but is also used for gardening pots etc. Nowadays, vegetables are also grown in pots in Kitchen Garden.

Pottery for decoration

Several terracotta sets are also being used as showpieces in the kitchen. You can see beautiful fruits models for decorating the dining table also.

How is it beneficial to cook in a clay pot

Best earthen pot helpful for health.  Earthenware potusing in kitchen.  Large clay pots are very popular in Indian kitchen.  Puraane samay se hii bharat men mitti ke tawe par rotiyan banai jati thi.

Food in pottery is slightly slower than the rest of the utensils. There are many types of come-to-clay cookware market. We are not paying much attention to their names here because they are known by local names in rural areas. You must have noticed that slowly the food cooks, the more nutritious and delicious it becomes. This gives full benefit to the health. Cooking in pottery benefits health manifold. That is why today there is a fashion to buy and use pottery all over the world.

Which food can be cooked in pottery? Recipes like biryani, rice, khichdi, kheer, dal, kadhi etc. can be easily cooked in pottery. Soil contains a variety of micronutrients. Even today, many houses and temples in India have the custom of cooking in pottery. They don't want to change it even in modern time.

Special benefits of cooking in pottery

  • Less oil is used to cook food from pottery.
  • Food in earthen utensils is delicious. The food is rich in taste as well as nutritious.
  • Earthenware gives special benefits in removing indigestion and gas problems.
  • Cooking food in pottery does not destroy the nutrients present in the food.
  • The pH value of the food remains maintained. It is very good for health.

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